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Your Vision. Our Firm.

Together We’ll Make An Impact

Why Do We Call Ourselves

Lucid Wealth Planning?

We take the complexities of your financial life and build a foundation of easy-to-understand solutions. We’ll bring simplicity, understanding and clarity to your biggest financial concerns - from saving for college to comprehensive tax planning and investment management...and everything between.

Our focus is on making your financial future more sustainable so that you can continue to make a positive impact on the world around you. 

Lu·cid Wealth

/ˈlo͞osəd/ /welTH/

Clarity & rationality in financial decision making
See also: comprehensible, easily understood, clear & transparent

Our Financial Planning Philosophy

Our financial plan has twelve objectives. The plan should:

  1. Be clear, easily understood, unbiased, and supported by a fiduciary oath
  2. Support and prioritize your life goals and objectives
  3. Allocate your cash flow into spending, saving, and investing
  4. Provide tax planning strategies
  5. Create the foundation by which an investment strategy is built
  6. Take your financial behaviors, money scripts, and cognitive biases into consideration
  7. Lay the blueprint for creating an estate plan to support your loved ones
  8. Organize, prioritize, and strategically address debt and student loans
  9. Prepare you, and your children, for college and education expenses
  10. Prepare you and your family for retirement
  11. Assist in employee benefit election decisions
  12. Align with your personal values and core beliefs

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment strategy has seven components:

  1. Keep investment fees low without affecting the integrity of the strategy
  2. Keep investments aligned closely with personal and social objectives (as applicable)
  3. Do not purchase or hold investments based on their past performance
  4. Use passive investments in efficient markets
  5. Use active investments in markets that lack transparency or governance
  6. Rebalance strategically with a key focus on your personal goals
  7. Minimize tax implications to the fullest extent possible
  8. Remain broadly diversified relative to personal goals and objectives


Our Mission has one purpose

Our mission is to provide more time, confidence, and assurance to those whose mission it is to improve the lives of others. We do this by enhancing the financial wellness and behaviors that contribute to our client’s happiness and life fulfillment. We believe our impact on the life of one client will have positive dispersion among those they serve.

A Message From Our Founder

My name is Jeffrey Stewart. I am the founder of Lucid Wealth Planning LLC (“LWP”), a fee-only, fiduciary firm based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. As you take time to review my site, you’ll notice that I’m quite liberal with the use of “we” rather than I. Understanding why I’ve chosen this method of representation is key to understanding the nature LWP, as well as how I view my role as your financial planner and advocate.

I’ve been involved in the financial services industry since 2006, holding multiple high-level positions in more than one Fortune 100 company. While I was fortunate to gain experience in all aspects of financial planning, my personal philosophy of what a financial advisor should be, and what they shouldn't be, had evolved over the years. That slow, yet seemingly quick (life moves fast, doesn’t it?) paradigm shift changed everything for me. It changed my career trajectory, it changed the people I associate with, and it changed my view of the financial industry overall.

The financial industry has moved away from working with human beings and family objectives and has moved closer to working with metrics and profitability matrices. Unfortunately, as you may know firsthand, this often comes at the sacrifice of client experience and transparency, and a lack of thorough understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish in your life.

If you’re going to focus on improving the world around you, it’s vital to have a strong support system in place that you can trust. That system should support your same vision, values, and integrity. Creating this system became my mission, and my mission led to founding LWP.

LWP is more than just another financial planning firm, however. It stands for something. That “something” is defined differently by each client. For me, it stands for the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world, defined through the experience of each client. The essence of LWP’s existence is built upon integrity, morality, and the well-being of others. In this sense, LWP is personified by its values. It embodies my vision to make a positive impact on the world around me. Therefore, you will find this site often references “we” and “our”; neither LWP nor I could accomplish our mission without one another. We hope for the opportunity to personally express this passion to you and your family.

–Jeffrey Stewart, CFP®, CRPC®

Aligning Your Wealth With Your Desire To Change The World

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