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Fiduciary | Fee-Only | Independent

Comprehensive Financial Planning &

Investment Management

for Academic, Health Care, and Social Wellness Professionals

Lucid Wealth Planning LLC (“LWP”) is a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping those that believe deeply in the betterment of the world around them, and who believe their impact can make a difference. We provide financial, behavioral, and educational resources through comprehensive financial planning and investment management with emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Our fiduciary oath, coupled with our passion for improving the lives of others, is the driving force behind LWP.

Raleigh, NC | Durham, NC | Wake Forest, NC

It’s Easier To Lift Others Up

When You’re Standing On Solid Ground

At Lucid Wealth Planning, our goal is simple. We want to make the world a better place by providing resources like comprehensive planning and sustainable and socially responsible investing to those who have a greater impact on humanity.

Why We're Here Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Why We’re Here

The truth is, we've come to develop a cynical view of the financial services industry.

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What We Do

As a fiduciary planning firm, our goals are pretty simple.

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Who We Are

Did you know anyone can call themselves a financial planner?

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How We Do It

We invest heavily in technology to ensure simple, efficient, and accessible planning for busy professionals.

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~We Help Those Who Are~

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