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Fiduciary Service Focused on Aligning Your Investments with Your

Personal and Social Objectives

We don't look for the "best" investments based on performance alone. 

Instead, we select the best investments based on your goals, investor psychology, existing holdings, tax bracket, personal values preference, and numerous other factors.

Our 8-Step Investment Philosophy

  1. Keep investment fees low without affecting the integrity of the strategy
  2. Keep investments aligned closely with personal and social objectives (as applicable)
  3. Do not purchase or hold investments based on their past performance
  4. Use passive investments in efficient markets
  5. Use active investments in markets that lack transparency or governance
  6. Rebalance strategically with a key focus on your personal goals
  7. Minimize tax implications to the fullest extent possible
  8. Remain broadly diversified relative to personal goals and objectives

Our Strategies Are Personalized

Our investment strategy is personalized to your specific goals, objectives, and needs. We do this by coupling your financial needs and limits with a measure of psychological risk tolerance. This gives us a comprehensive picture of your reactions, behaviors, and personality in investment-related decisions and market volatility. This profile adheres to the following measures:

  • Investor Confidence: Measures level of self-confidence and self-efficacy in investment-related decision
  • Volatility Composure: Measures your behavioral responses when conditions and values are
    changing rapidly, for better or worse, and the anticipated reaction during volatile financial situations. 
  • Risk Personality: Measures tendencies and preferences when making decisions that involve various
    levels of risk. 
  • Risk Preference: Measures your preference of risk association in the investment portfolio. 
  • Judgement: Measures whether your focus is on short-term or long-term actions related to
  • Action: Measures how you will typically react in volatile periods in the market.

Our Sustainable Portfolios

If your investment philosophy tilts towards environmental, social and governance sustainability, we've got you covered. Our sustainable portfolio's are strategically focused on factors such as fossil fuel reduction, gender/racial equality, and corporate accountability to name a few. While ESG and Socially Responsible Investing isn't mandatory, we'll work hard to educate you on the benefits of investing with these topics in mind.

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources, allowing for long-term environmental quality.

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Social Sustainability

Development of processes and structures which not only meet the needs of its current members but also support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community.

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Governance Sustainability

Use of accurate and transparent accounting methods, avoidance of conflict of interest in board selection, and ethical practices to support a company's stakeholders.

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We Don't Adjust Your Portfolio Based on The Latest News.

We Do Adjust Your Portfolio Based on Your Latest Needs.

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