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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Planning & You

Do I Really Need Financial Planning?
How Is LWP Different From Other Financial Companies?
What If I Already Work With a Financial Advisor?

Our Clientele

Do I Need to Be a Professor Or Health Care Professional to Partner With LWP?
Do I Need to Live in the Raleigh - Durham Area, or North Carolina?


What Is Your Asset Minimum?

Unlike other firms, we do not have an asset minimum. In fact, many of our clients have a negative net worth before we begin working together.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The initial, most noticeable cost will be your time (truly your only finite resource). We require an investment of time to ensure we understand who you are, your financial background and motives, your financial behaviors, and what you envision your life to look like in the future. Unfortunately, this can’t be accomplished in a 60-minute meeting.

As with any good investment, you should expect a nice return as well. We estimate that an investment of 1-hour of time will equate to 3 or 4 hours saved in addition to the improvement of your finances. 

Oh, you meant fees? Our apologies. We understand true costs as something beyond just money. A good investment strategy, for example, can equate to more personal/family time, better life experiences, and reduced stress…not just more money. For our fee schedule, please see our transparent pricing.

How Are You Compensated?

Our Background

What Is Your Education?
How Do I Know We Will Be a Good Fit For Each Other?
What Products Do You Sell?
Are You a Fiduciary?


What Is Your Investment Philosophy?
How Do You Implement Changes to My Investments?

Getting Started

How Can I Get Started?

I appreciate your interest in partnering with LWP. The first step is to ensure you feel a connection and feel that my communication style is effective. This is extremely important and can pre-determine your future success. Please set up an introductory meeting (in-person or virtual) via Jeffrey@lucidwealthplanning.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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