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Transparent Pricing &
Values-Based Approach

Real Financial Planning...The Way It's Supposed To Be

No Commissions Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

No Commissions, Referral Fees, or Sales Pitch

At Lucid Wealth, you call the shots. By aligning our success with your success, we’re ensuring you receive unbiased, honest financial advice that is never influenced by commissions or referral fees.

Fee-Only Fiduciary

Our firm is built to provide you with sound financial planning under a Fiduciary oath. We aren’t making money on the side at the expense of giving you the best advice possible. Instead, what you pay is what we make - and nothing more. Your best interest is our best interest. 

No Hidden Agendas

Trusting a financial advisor is trusting an individual with the fate of your financial future. Be sure you’re putting that trust in a firm that views you as a unique individual with pressing financial concerns, not just another net worth used to build their business.

Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Wealth Management Services

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management include everything you need to achieve financial freedom; we offer continuous financial planning, ongoing investment management, full transparency, and exceptional technology to support your personalized experience.

Which Services Can I Expect?

 Investment Management

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Wealth Management


Investor Composure Analysis
Net Worth Analysis
Tax Management (Investments)
Investment Management
- Unlimited Calls and Emails
- Client Portal & Planning Tools
- Access to Certified Financial Planning™

Employee Benefits Optimization
Employee Retirement Plan Analysis
Life/Home/Auto Insurance Review

Cash Flow and Debt Management
College Savings Strategy
Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Student Loan Analysis

Estate Plan Review

Charitable Gift Planning
Day-to-Day Financial Inquiries

Coordination with Attorney’s, CPA’s, and Insurance Agents

Comprehensive Financial Planning

No minimum net worth required

~ Fee range* ~
Initial Plan: $495-$1495 +
Annual Fee*: $1800-$3240/yr

Detailed review, analysis, recommendations, and accountability measures for all facets of your financial situation.

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Investment Management

No minimum balance required 

~ Fee range ~
Investment Only*:
$1 to $499,999 = 0.95%
Preferred Rate**:
$1+ = 0.30%

Offered as a stand-alone service, or can be combined with Comprehensive Financial Planning (discounted fee schedule).

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Wealth Management

Minimum of $500,000

~ Fee range ~
$1 - $499,999: 0.95%
$500,000+: 0.30%

Includes both Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management under a simplified fee structure.

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Precise Planning (Hourly-Based )

Precise Planning is for those that feel comfortable managing their family's financial wellness, but need expertise in specific areas.

The base fee for Precise Planning is $300, and includes the discovery meeting(s), presentation meeting(s), and intermediate data gathering. Precise Planning is not offered as a stand-alone service. Rather, Precise Planning will be the foundation by which the Hourly-Based Planning Services are added. The fee for service of each service is based on an estimated time for completion. The hourly fee is $200 and may be billed at one-quarter increments.

Hourly-Based Planning Services


Estimated Hourly Engagement


Employee Benefits Review1.25 Hours

Examples include, but are not limited to, health/HSA/FSA/life/disability/dental insurance, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, and wellness programs.

Investment Review1.5 Hours- Personal IRAs, brokerage accounts, and employer sponsored retirement accounts- Risk analysis- Cost analysis- Investor composure analysis- Alternative strategy recommendation
Insurance Review1.5 HoursExamples include, but are not limited to, a review of insurability need, term vs. permanent, legacy protection strategy, and review of existing and newly researched policy coverage
College Planning0.75 Hours

Examples include, but are not limited to, a review of future costs, tax efficient savings strategies, recommendation of account type, and investment strategy.

Retirement Planning4 Hours

Examples include, but are not limited to, a review with recommendations around social security elections, tax efficient income strategy, investment strategy, pension income, required minimum distributions, and charitable gifting.

Charitable Gifting Strategy1.5 Hours

Examples include, but are not limited to, a comprehensive review of current estate plan, potential estate issues, estate planning strategies, and tax efficiency.

Tax Planning Strategy1.5 HoursExamples include, but are not limited to, strategies to minimize current and future tax liability as a part of your overall financial planning picture.*
Studen Loan Analysis0.75 Hours

Examples include, but are not limited to, strategies for debt repayment, consolidation and other financing options available to you. Additionally, we may provide recommendations on where to save money to facilitate debt repayment.

Life EventsHours are case-specific and mutually agreed upon

Examples include, but are not limited to, financial strategy of purchasing new home or other large purchase, financial considerations of getting married, and strategies for paying down debt.

*We recommend that you consult with a qualified tax professional before initiating any tax planning strategy, and we may provide you with contact information for accountants or attorneys who specialize in this area if you do not already have one you use.

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