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Examine. Diagnose. Prescribe.

We Treat Your Financial Health With The Same Level Of Care as You Give Your Patients

Health care professionals have many things - patience, dedication, attentiveness, ingenuity - but free time is not one of them. Whether you’re a dentist, pharmacist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, your attention is on your patients, your family and your practice. So when it comes to focusing on your finances, we’re happy to take the lead. We’ll conduct a full examination before diagnosing your most pressing areas of concern and prescribing our tailored solutions. Our goal is to treat your financial wellness with the same level of care you give to your patients.

As a Health Care Professional,

What Are Your Biggest Financial Concerns?

Student loan debt
401(k)/403(b) investment strategy
Disability insurance coverage
Rapid income growth

Employee benefit elections

Tax planning
Saving for retirement
Gaining control of your personal finances
Cash flow planning
Intentional goal setting

Does Your Financial Future Have a Positive Prognosis?
Together We’ll Examine Your Current Needs & Future Goals

What To Expect