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You’re More Than a Professor

You’ve Dedicated Your Life To Shaping the Future, And So Have We

When you’re focused on lifting students up, you can’t let your personal finance drag you down. Between time in the classroom, conducting research, mentoring students and running your department, you want to spend your precious time off campus at home with your family. Our goal is to offer you the most financial clarity we can while taking away the least amount of time possible from what you love most - your family, your students and your research. You've dedicated your life to shaping the future of others. It's time someone helped you to do the same for your family's financial wellness.

We’ve Helped Academic Professors tackle

Unique Financial Challenges Including

403(b)/457 investment strategy
University benefit package election
Phased retirement planning
Student load debt

Charitable and philanthropic giving
9-Month and summer salaries, grants, speaking, consulting, and royalty income
Tax planning

Still Doing Your Homework When It Comes To Selecting a Financial Advisor?

Here’s What To Expect