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Here’s The Steps We’ll Take To

Make An Impact On Your Financial Wellbeing

Initial Conversation Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Step 1:

Initial Conversation

We understand your time is precious. We’ll take 30 minutes together to decide if we can bring value to you and your financial life. Our agenda will include an introduction of LWP, what a year-in-the-life of a LWP client looks like, and the value we'll add to you and your family. If we are a good fit for one another, we'll move onto Step 2.

Discovery Meeting One: Values Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Step 2:

Discovery Meeting: Financials & Financial Goals

Our first meeting will focus on your financials, investments, debt, career trajectory, anticipated retirement, and overall financial goals and priorities. We will spend around an hour to an hour and a half, or as much time as needed, to understand your current and ideal financial situation.

Discovery Meeting Two: Financials Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Step 3:

Financial Planning 

This is the meeting where it all starts to come together. We’ll review the analysis of your financial situation, prioritize the recommendations and strategies, and create an action plan that is personalized to your circumstances. We’ll also focus on creating an effective investment strategy designed to support your life goals, risk & reward objectives, and personal values.

Financial Planning & Prioritization Meeting Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Step 4:

Discovery Meeting Two: Values & Prioritization Meeting

This meeting is focused on your values around money, family, and investing as it relates to the financial recommendations. We won’t cover specific numbers or financials as we've already checked that box. This is about understating what’s most important to you and your family, and prioritizing a strategy to accomplish your goals through implementation of the recommendations.

Ongoing Implementation & Review Raleigh, NC Lucid Wealth Planning

Step 5:

Ongoing Implementation & Review

Depending on the type of service offering you’ve selected, we’ll adjust our ongoing meetings, reviews and documentation delivery to meet your specific needs.

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